The software environment of CEOI 2024 consists of a virtual machine that runs Debian Linux 12 (Bookworm). The following packages are provided:

  • Compiler: GCC 12.2 in C++20 mode

  • Interpreters: Python 3.11 (for local testing only; solutions must be submitted in C++)

  • Text editors and IDEs: Vim, NeoVim, Geany, Kate, Kdevelop, Nano, Visual Studio Code

  • Debuggers: gdb, ddd, valgrind

  • Web browsers: Firefox

Contest system

CEOI uses modified versions of the following software:

  • The CMS contest management system. The CEOI version lives in the ceoi2024 branch in our CMS repository.

  • The Task translation system from the IOI. Our changes were contributed to the upstream version.