31st Central-European Olympiad in Informatics

CEOI 2024 – Brno, Czechia

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Tomáš Pitner, Jiří Kalvoda 28.6.2024

Final Ceremony The CEOI 2024 competition is over! During the last days, we had the opportunity to observe enormous effort and patience leading to successful solution of six tasks in two days. Now we know the winners of CEOI 2024.

Competition Day 2

Tomáš Pitner, Martin Mareš 27.6.2024

Competition Day 2 Tasks for Day 2 are published CEOI 2024 Ranking list has been published live.


Marie Skřivánková 26.6.2024

Boat Trip Seems like we can enjoy a good weather and food on the boat trip today to gain enough energy for the leaders to translate and competitors to solve the tasks for tomorrow!

Social Program

Petra Honická 26.6.2024

Individual Team Social Program Thu+Fri Tips what to visit and do during the Team Social Program slots on Thursday and Friday